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Email Forwarding Service
(INPUT) OWA Server Properties

OWA Connection Settings

This property tab is used to configure all OWA related settings for the connector.

Using owa (or WebDav) works well with Exchange 2003, but if you are connecting to Exchange 2007, then the prefered option is to use a EWS (Exchange Web Services) connector. One of the downsides with the OWA connector on exchange 2007 is that all emails wil be converted to HTML format of by the Exchange server. OWA is NOT available with Exchange 2010 or later, there you must use EWS or POP3 connector.


Url: Specify the WEBDav URL to connect to, including the name of the mailbox.

The URL you need the specify depends on the configuration of the Exchange environment.

With Exchange 2003 you may have to specify the mailbox as <user> or <user@domain.com>.
Example url:

With Exchange 2007:
Set the URL to "server/Exchange/mailbox/" even if you use "server/owa/" in the web-browser.
Example url:
User: Specify the Exchange User Account.
Password: Specify the password for the Exchange account.

Server Copy

Leave copy of Message on Server If enabled, the mail will not be removed from the Exchange server after it's been read.
Remove from server after (n) days If enabled, you can specify for how many days the message should be kept on the Exchange server before deleted.
Remove from server after delivered If enabled, the mail will be removed from the Exchange server, once it's been successfully sent on the the smtp server.

Existing Server Mails

Ignore Existing If enabled, any existing messages will be ignored at the next inbox poll. This is useful when you set up a new connector and the Server Inbox contains a large number of old messages that you don’t want to be forwarded.

Alternatively, if a connector has been suspended for a long period of time, and the Server Inbox has received messages that you don’t want to forward when the connector is re-enabled.

This option is automatically disabled once the mail server has been successfully polled once.
Rescan If enabled, then poprep will rescan the inbox for messages. This will cause poprep to consider all emails in the inbox to be new, and they will be resent.

This may be useful if you initially created the connector, configuring it to ignore any existing emails, and you later decide that you want all existing emails to be delivered as well.

This option is automatically disabled once the mail server has been successfully polled once.

NOTE: Any emails that have been sent already will be re-sent if this option is selected.