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Evaluation Features

If you are using an evaluation licence, all features will be enabled without restrictions to give you an opportunity to test and evaluate the functionality of the software prior to purchasing.

When you first start the admin console, it allows you to generate an evaluation licence that is valid for 30 days. It is not possible to create an other self generated evaluation licence. If you require an extended evaluation period you can request it by contacting us through our web site at http://www.twistround.com

The service will continue to operate providing unrestricted functionality untill the evaluation licence expires. The service will then stop, but you will be able to start it again with restricted functionality once you opened the Admin Console to update the configuration file.

When Expired, the admin console will disable any currently enabled connector if you attempt to enable more than 1.

Unlicenced versions of POPREP continues to operate for some time but with restrictions: