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Email Forwarding Service
Event Scripts

POPREP have got a built in scripting host capable of executing VBScript or JScript. You can configure the connector to call an Event script for each mail before it is being sent to the SMTP Server.

Event scripts are very powerful as they allow you to extend the functionality of the POP3 Replication Service. Example usage for event scripts are; Spam filter, Virus Scanning or conditional forwarding, etc. NOTE: Any changes to the event script will take effect immediately, so be careful if modifying the script whilst the service is running.

The event script can have any name, but it's file extension (type) is used to determine what scripting language it's written in, so for VBScript it must end with ".vbs" and for JScript ".js".


If an event script has been configured for the connector, the service will call the method OnSend immediately before sending the email, and once the mail has been sent - or if the attempt to send the mail failed, the service will call the method OnSent. The service will NOT send the mail if the OnSend method is missing, or if the script threw an exception when OnSend was called.

The OnSend method can return an instruction to the service of what to do with the mail. The 2nd argument us used for this purpose.

0 Send Mail: (Default) The email should be forwarded on to the SMTP server. The return status will be changed from 0 to 3 if the SendTo property is set to no recipients.
1 Bad Mail: The mail will be moved to a folder a BadMail folder and it will be flagged as delivered
2 Kill Mail: The mail will be deleted and it will be flagged as Delivered.
3 Skip Mail: The mail will NOT be delivered and it will remain in the spool folder. The return status will be changed from 0 to 3 if there is an error whilst executing the event script or the SendTo property is set to no recipients.

OnSend also allows you to control who to send the email to via the
Mail Object. Two properties are used for this purpose, Mail.Sendto and Mail.CopyTo.

The Mail Object exposes a number of methods that allows you to access properties of the email.

' Function : OnSend(ByVal Msg)
' Purpose  : Called for every Mail that is to be Sent
' Argument : [in]  Msg - Message Object
' Return   : 0=SendMail(Default), 1=BadMail, 2=Delete, 3=Skip

OnSend(ByVal Msg)
    Dim strFrom, strTo, strSubject

    OnSend = 0' By default we want to send this mail

    strFrom =
    strTo =
    strSubject =

    ' Check for Spam
If InStr(1, strSubject,"someword", vbTextCompare) <> 0 Then
        OnSend = 1 ' BadMail

        Exit Function

    End If

    ' Conditional forwarding of email from example.com to abc@example.com
    If InStr(1, strTo,"example.com", vbTextCompare) <> 0 Then
       Msg.CopyTo = "abc@example.com"
       Exit Function

End Sub


OnSent is called once the mail has been sent - or failed to be sent to the SMTP Server.

' Sub      : OnSent(ByVal Msg, ByVal SentStatus)
' Purpose  : Called for every Mail after it is Sent/Failed to send
' Argument : [in]  Mail Message Object
' Argument : [in]  SentStatus 0=SentMail, 1=BadMail, 2=Delete, 3=Skipped

Sub OnSent(ByVal Mail, ByVal SentStatus)
    ' Perform some post sent operation.
End Sub

JScript Example

function OnSend(Msg)
    var strFrom, strTo, strSubject, strMessageId;

    strFrom = Msg.GetField("From:");
    strTo = Msg.GetField("To:");
    strSubject = Msg.GetField("Subject:");
    strMessageId = Msg.GetField("Message-Id:");

    Msg.CopyTo = "abc@example.com";

    return 0x1; // Send the Mail

function OnSent(Msg, SentStatus)