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Configuration Utility

Is a stand alone command line utility that can be used to set or change the password of the configuration file, and to delegate administrative rights for management of the service.

Command Line Options:

  PopCnf.exe /SetSecurity

  PopCnf.exe /AddToAdmin[:[Domain\]Username]

  PopCnf.exe /ConfigUpdate

This command is executed automatically when poprep is installed.

By default only membes of the Local Administrators group can manage the configuration of the service, if you want to allow non administrators to manage the POP Forwarding Service, then execute the configuration utility with the /SetSecurity switch.

This will result in a new local group PopRepAdmins being created.

The group will will be granted change rights to:
The Data, Config, Queues and Log folders.

The registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Twistround\PopRep

It will also be granted Start and Stop, change Startup Type (Disabled, Manual, Auto) rights to the service TwistroundPop3Repeater.

Once you have run the tool with the /SetSecurity switch, you can use the MMC to add any local or domain accounts/groups to the PopRepAdmins group in order to grant them access to manage the service.


This switch will add a user or domain group to the PopRepAdmins group, granting this user rights to manage the service. If you don't specify a username then the currently logged on user will be added. This can be useful as it would allow a user on a Windows Vista, 2008 or 7 that is an administrator to manage the service without having to launch the management console as an Administrator.

Syntax for this switch is: /AddToAdmin[:[Domain\]Username]

This command is executed automatically when poprep is installed.

The configuration file for Poprep 5.1 was updated to provide additional functionality. If you have got a configuration file from a previous version of poprep then you can run popconf with the /ConfigUpdate switch, and it will update the file. - The tool will do a simple string search/replace of the data, so it will only succeed as long as the XML file is well formed. The tool will save a copy of your current configuration into a file with the name: 'Poprep.xml.1.Backup'

Should you start the Service or Admin console with a Version 1 configuration file, it WILL fail with a message "Failed to load the Configuration File:" it will then list the offending line in the configuration file.