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Poprep 5.0, Service exits with Nothing to poll writtent to the event log.

When I start the service, it stops by it self without processing any thing.
The message "Nothing to Poll!! - Exiting" is written to the application event log.

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Last Reviewed: September 30, 2008

The reason for this is that there is no active/enabled connector to poll.

More Information:

As long as there is at least one active connector, the service will run once started.

You can see if the admin console if the connector is inactive, it will have a RED "X" on top of the connector icon.

Now, there is one situation where the Admin console will fool you, and it may appear as if the connector is active, but when you start the service it will flag it as disabled.

The connector will only be seen as active if you have a valid POP configuration AND a valid SMTP configuration.

By default the connector will use the "Global" SMTP server settings, but should these be invalid, the admin console will still show an ACTIVE icon rather than an inactive icon. Only if you select the option "Use the following SMTP Settings" will the admin console display the connector as inactive should the induvidual SMTP settings be invalid.

So is summary, you MUST configure both the POP and SMTP settings in order for the service to operate. If you use the GLOBAL SMTP settings, you can configure them from the menu Settings, Global Server Settings. If for some reason you want to test if the service can receive mails, but you don't yet want to forward them on to your SMTP server, then you can for example type in an invalid/unreachable IP address of the SMTP server. This will cause POPREP to start polling for messages, recieving them to the spooler queue folder, but as the SMTP server would be unreachable it would not be able to deliver them.

The admin console was updated in version 5.1 to make it obvious to you that you must configure the global SMTP connector.