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We have just released POPREP 7 the latest version of our popular Email Consolidation MRA and forwarding MDA Software.

Poprep Enterprise

In version 7 we have added support for retieving emails from EWS - Exchange Web Services in addition to; OWA Outlook Web Access and POP/POP3 email.




You can use and evaluate the full unrestricted version for 30 days at no cost.

It can be used on any Windows® Version XP, 2003, 2008, Vista®, 7, 8, 2012.

POPREP Mail Connector, Mailgatherer.

Licenced versions of PopRep starts from as little as £5(+VAT) - approx US $8.

To purchase, go the products page for more information read more here.


POPREP 7 is Released


Release Notes

The updated version of Twistrounds POP, EWS and OWA  Email forwarding service is now available for Download and Purchase.

For more details, see Documentation

Comments from some of our customers:
* Poprep has been a wonderfully stable product to help with my e-mail needs. It has toiled for 8 months with no errors.

* Poprep is great, it's been running on one of our servers for tree years without a single glitch, we even forgot it was running as we have had no problems with it. It just works!